In our ongoing commitment to keep all Fitness Time Gyms locations safe, clean, and an enjoyable space to better yourself, all members are asked to adhere to the rules below, which every member signed and agreed to during the signup process. Thank you so much for your understanding and for being a Fitness Time Gyms member. We wish you the best success on your journey to become a healthier you! 

All members must scan their key card at the front desk every time they enter the facility. If you have lost your key card, or if your key card is failing to read and allow access, please notify a staff member during staffed hours, and we will be happy to check you in at the front desk and arrange for a new key card.

When entering after staffed hours:

  • 1. Every member must scan at the front door for entry.
  • 2. Please scan again at the front desk.  This ensures every person entering the facility is a member and not piggybacking on another member’s door entry scan.
  • Regardless of membership type, day passes/non-members are only allowed in the facility during staffed hours. Staffed hours: Monday–Thursday (9am – 8pm), Friday/Saturday (9am – 5pm).  Non-Members are not allowed in the facility on Sunday.
  • Our staff is required to ensure only members remain in the facility at shift end in the evening.  Meaning, all day passes are required to leave the facility at 8pm Monday-Thursday and 5pm Friday/Saturday.
  • A $30 fine will be assessed for each member infraction violating club rules and can lead to membership termination including prosecution for trespassing.
  • Please do not let anyone into the facility on your door entry scan during non-staffed hours. Also, please ensure the door locks behind you as you enter and leave the facility.  We appreciate our members help keeping our facility for members only, and need your help ensuring only members are in your workout facility during non-staffed hours.  This is for the safety of ALL our members!
  • There are red panic buttons labeled, “EMERGENCY”, throughout the facility. If at any time you feel threatened or feel that police are required, press the button and an alarm will sound while notifying the police (911) immediately. Your safety is always our top priority!
  • If you witness another member abusing facility rules, and or equipment, please let us know so we can handle the situation. Please DO NOT engage the other member(s), but rather note the date, time, and abuse either by voice message, written response, or personal contact with staff.
  • Athletic clothing and shoes are required.  No dirty work boots or jeans!  Both mark-up and stain equipment and flooring.
  • Shirts are required at all times. Tank tops and cut off shirts are fine, unless you are showing more skin than shirt, please use common courtesy.
  • Flip flops or open-toed shoes are RESTRICTED in the weight free area, as they present a safety and sanitary risk.
  • Rubber suits that create excessive sweat are not allowed in the facility. These suits create high volumes of liquid and can damage electrical equipment and flooring when leaking.
  • Please clean equipment after each use with the sanitizing products provided throughout the facility.  Please spray the towel and then clean the equipment, bench, or station. Please do not spray directly on the machine as excessive moisture or liquid can damage machine electronics.  Members are encouraged to bring a sweat towel with them.

    • Please check your shoes prior to entering the facility for excessive grass, dirt, mud, and debris.  Dirty shoes do not only require hours of facility cleaning, but can also damage the equipment.
    • Please clean the hydro-massage bed and tanning beds after each use, if applicable.
    • Please close locker doors after use.

General Rules:

  • Please re-rack all weights.  The next member to use the equipment or station(s) should not have to remove weights in order to utilize the equipment or station(s).
  • All free weights and dumbbells are to be utilized on the rubber flooring area only.  Free weights and dumbbells are not permitted on the carpeted area due to lack of flooring protection.
  • Do not drop dumbbells.  Rule of thumb, if you cannot set them down without dropping them, use less weight.  Broken dumbbells take away from everyone’s routine and will be billed against a violator’s account for replacement.
  • All equipment is to be utilized as engineered.  Please do not invent new methods of lifting or training which damages the equipment or flooring.
  • Please do not set or place weights of any kind on the equipment padding.  Padding is expensive to replace and we want to ensure every piece of equipment is in great shape for all of our member’s enjoyment.
  • Our top of the line equipment was engineered for lifting, not for dropping.  Dropping, throwing, bouncing, or the inability to set weights/stacks down without damage or loud noise is prohibited and can result in loss of membership and or fines.
  • Excessive shouting, groaning, grunting, and generally loud workout practices are not allowed.  Please do not interfere or affect other member’s enjoyment of the facility.
  • Please use locks on lockers during your daily workout session and remove when leaving the facility to ensure everyone has the ability to utilize the lockers.  Locks left overnight will be cut off without consent.
  • Please refrain from using profanity.
  • Tobacco products of any kind are PROHIBITED.
  • Dead lifting requires the use of extra pads located by the dumbbell racks.  Please use collars to lessen the noise.  Dead lifting is the noisiest exercise in the facility.  Remember it is dead lifting, not dead dropping or bouncing!


Staffed Hours:

While Fitness Time Gyms are open 24/7 for your workout convenience, our gyms are staffed during these hours:

Monday 9AM-8PM

Tuesday 9AM-8PM

Wednesday 9AM-8PM

Thursday 9AM-8PM

Friday 9AM-5PM

Saturday 9AM-3PM


If you’d like to send us a message via our contact form, please click here to do so.  You can also sign up online.

Thanks so much and we’ll see you soon!